Topics for effects and causes essay 

There are very many topics about the causes and effects to choose from. What topic do you need to write about when it comes to writing cause and effect essays? We have collected some of the very best ideas to get started when writing an essay based on the topic above. Selecting a topic that is causes and effects related is not something that is very hard, especially when you are a freelance writer at Write Zillas. Below are some of the easy sample topics that we selected.

  • How does traveling around the world affect life and personality?
  • What are the effects and causes of happy relationships with a person?
  • How does uber influence taxi drivers? 
  • How does online dating affect someone?
  • Causes of world war 2.
  • Causes of heart problems.
  • Effects of schooling at home.
  • What are the desirable attributes of a good mother, teacher, artist, or doctor?
  • Effects and causes of terrorism.
  • What were the reasons as to why you chose your school, and how has it impacted you? 
  • What are the effects of globalization on the economy?
  • What are the causes of racism?
  • What are the causes of tsunamis?
  • How does genetically modified food affect the human body?
  • Discuss the causes that lead to divorce?
  • What are the effects and causes of telling lies?
  • What effects does smoking have on pregnant women?
  • How does the war in Syria affect the United States of America?
  • How has your favorite movie influenced you?
  • How has drug abuse affected the human body?
  • List down the effects and causes of stress.
  • How has modern music influenced the lifestyle of young people today?
  • How has informal and formal education affected the were you perceive concepts today?
  • Effects of alcohol on the human body
  • Effects of smoking.
  • How has the presence of rain affected the price of some commodities such as the umbrellas?
  • What are the effects of earthquakes? And what possible dangers do you think they can cause?
  • How has bullying in school affected young children today?
  • Effects of dating at a very young age
  • What are the reasons as to why most women end up falling into wrong relationships?
  • What are the effects of social media on young people today?
  • What are the effects of domestic violence?
  • How do professional sports affect children?
  • How has the internet influenced the kids of today?
  • What are the effects and causes of the popularity of restaurants that deal with fast foods?
  • What are the effects and causes of pollution?
  • What are the causes of global warming?
  • What are the effects of deforestation?
  • What are the causes of bush fire?
  • How has technology affected our lives today?
  • Effects of the African rebellions on Africans
  • How does working for longer hours affect someone?
  • What is the impact of reading books on kids?
  • How have the forests affected the climate today?
  • What are the effects and causes of staying out in the cold for a long time?


When choosing a topic, ensure that the topic you choose is more straightforward for you to do, and it also means something to you. When you select the right topics, it will become easier for you to do it efficiently.

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