Writing a synthesis essay

Synthesizing is uniting different things to come up with a new brand. It’s the forming of a single new brand from several other forms. A synthesis essay is a type of essay where one uses information from varied sources to make a single essay. You explain the correlation of this information from different sources. It builds an argument that states your stand on the subject matter. You have to explain the relationship between the different sources of information obtained. It makes a synthesis essay different from other essays. The information itself has to explain also to show the relationship that exists. 

Types of synthesis essays

  • Background synthesis

It aids in modeling one to be a subject expert. It does a prudent analysis of all sources in place. It requires you to explore all sources about a particular topic and place them in themes. It assists one to look into a topic from different angles. It doesn’t have a thesis statement.

  • Argumentative synthesis

It needs a strong thesis statement. Students have to look at the two sides of the coin and argue their stand on the subject matter. 

  • Literature review

It analyzes areas from a certain field where research already exists. It justifies the real intended research. 

Synthesis essay structure

Synthesis essays don’t have a structured format to follow. Some will need a thesis statement, while others will not. There is a basic format that will have to appear at some point.

  • Introduction

Every essay must have an introduction part. The introduction has attracted your reader and also features topics of discussion.

  • Organize themes into paragraphs

Arrange paragraphs in a way that you deal with all the important themes. Each theme should have its space in a different paragraph. Collect and join different sources of information to come up with a single theme to discuss. Explain how different sources say about the topic in a clear form. It will enable you to show why you took that stand on that topic

  • Conclusion

List all the themes discussed in a summary form. Show how each theme connects with the subject of discussion. You can highlight ways for further research on the task at hand.

Both the introduction and the conclusion are a paragraph each. The main body should not be more than five paragraphs to the extreme. 

How to spice up your synthesis essay

  1. Have the right topic

Take time to get the best topic to write about. It should be something you have an idea about. It will be easier for you to expound on it. 

  1. Confirm your sources

The areas you get information from should be valid and credible. Restrict your citation from the social media platform that is for fun. Your citations should follow the instructions given in the essay. Whether the instruction makes sense to you or not, you aren’t supposed to do the opposite. 

  1. Proofread

Every essay needs this step after writing it. It helps in identifying mistakes done while writing. Identify grammatical mistakes, spelling, and wrong choice of words at this level. Themes that are not well elaborated are also identified and worked on to be clear. The points that stage a conflict with the main topic of discussion are also eliminated at this level. While proofreading other new points will emerge. Include in the essay. Never submit any essay without proofreading,

Using this simple step discussed, you will have a unique synthesis essay. It will stand out to be the best in your cohort.

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